PTSW is engineering company providing turn key projects. The main services consist of:


  • Feasibility studies
  • System Specifications
  • Design & Detailed Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Deliveries
  • System testing
  • Hot & Cold Commissioning
  • Fine tuning
  • Performace tests and evaluations

Automation Levels

  • Electrical equipment and drives
  • Basic Automation
  • Process Control and Optimizations
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Production Management
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Management

Above mentioned services are mainly provided for Metallurgical industry. Nevertheless, PTSW is covering other areas as well like Chemical industry, Energy sector and Transportation.

Metallurgical aggregates covered by PTSW

Steel Making Shops

  • Iron Desulphurisation station
  • EAF – Electric Arc Furnace
  • BOF – Basic Oxygen Furnace
  • LF – Ladle Furnace
  • VD/VOD and RH – Vacuum degassing and decarburisation units
  • etc.

Continuous Casting Machines

  • Slab caster
  • CSP caster
  • Billet caster

Rolling Mills

  • Reheating Furnaces
  • Hot Strip Mill
  • Plate Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Section Mill
  • Tube Mill

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