The main goal of process automation is control and optimize technological and business process of one technological unit. It consists mainly from Material tracking, Data acquisition and recording, Setpoint generation and distribution, Quality and Production reporting and in many cases Mathematical models for quality and process optimization. PTSW provides different models for each application.

Metallurgical and Rolling Models

Steel Making Shops

  • Temperature/Energy Balance Model
  • Material Mass Model
  • Oxygen Blowing Model
  • Slag Model
  • Material Addition Model
  • Process Monitoring Model
  • Process Control Model
  • Charge Material Calculation
  • Ladle Heat Monitoring

Continuous Casting

  • Casting Speed Optimization and Heat Pacing
  • Water Spray Cooling Control
  • Cut Length Optimization
  • Transition Zone Calculation
  • Solidification Model

Rolling Mills

  • Reheating Furnace Model
  • Yield Stress Model
  • Roll Gap Friction Model
  • Strip Temperature Model
  • Roll Force and Torque Model
  • Temperature and Wear Model
  • Profile and Flatness Model
  • Roll Flattening and Deflection Model
  • Roll Force Distribution Model
  • Interstand Cooling Model
  • Laminar Cooling Model

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