ArcelorMittal Saldanha’s CSP hot strip mill production mix has variety of thicknesses starting at 1mm as well as wide range of final width. Significant amount of production needed to be process at Temper Mill in order to remove unflatness created at hot strip mill. Everyday required cost savings requested only one set of work roll shape profile prepared at grinding shop. Additionally, occurrence of edge ripples and butterfly profile shape at 1mm thick product was observed.

Without possibility of using CVC rolls there was limited number of actuators to optimize profile and flatness control. After PTSW has upgraded Level 2 process model, proposed new optimized work roll grinding shape, adjusted loading plans and provide some more process control adjustments, the significant profile and flatness performance improvements were achieved. Even after the successful process improvements, PTSW team is still monitoring the production and provide support to Saldanha operation team.

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