What is cookies?

Almost every website uses cookies. A cookie is text information that stores a page you visit through your computer’s browser the first time you visit this website. If you reconnect to this page from the same computer, your browser will check to see if it has a matching cookie. The browser sends the information stored in the cookie back to the website. In this way, the website can recognize whether the browser has already visited the site, and in this way it “remembers” the setting. In some cases, you may see different types of content (such as different image resolutions between men and women). Cookies contain only information and cannot cause any harmful applications.

Benefits of cookies

Some cookies are very convenient because they provide more user options when you visit the website repeatedly. Cookies can store your settings, provide us with information about your use of our website, and display content that suits you best and interests you. Any cookies we use on our website do not collect personally identifiable information.

Checking and deleting cookies

You can change your browser’s use of cookies, including blocking and deleting cookies on this site (or any other website). For most browsers, you can control cookies by either allowing or disabling all cookies, just a specific type of cookie, or setting you to be notified if a website wants to store a cookie. The procedure for checking and deleting a cookie depends on the browser you’re using. You can find information on this topic in your browser tools.

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