Basic Automation

In area of Basic Automation we can provide large scale of services in different industries. Our team has experience not only from Heavy Industry, but also from Chemical and Energy sector.
PTSW Basic Automation consists of electro engineering, motors and drives design, instrumentation design and control system design and implementation.
Since, we are also cooperation with mechanical design companies we are able to provide complex turn key solution.
During the engineering electro project including specification of all electrical equipment like motors, drives, instrumentation, control system etc. is designed. PTSW is able to provide services for high voltage equipment.
According to our design we procure components and let manufacture all the electrical equipment. During the manufacturing our specialist supervising quality and correctness.
Control system
PTSW automation team designs and implements control system according to technology, mechanical requirements and customer requirements.
Since PTSW has experts in area of metallurgy, physics and mathematics we are able to provide sophisticated control systems with aim to final product quality, productivity and cost savings optimizations. PTSW lays stress on environmental and safety protection.
Most used platform is based on Siemens Simatic S7, TDC and WinCC. Nevertheless, we have many implementations using other systems like Schneider, Rockwell Automation and ABB as well.

General controls

  • Drives control
  • Sequence control
  • Interlocks
  • Setpoint inputs
  • Positioning control
  • Process data visualisation and Operation
  • Alarms and Error message processing
  • Signals and data exchange with other subsystems

Metallurgical controls

Continuous Casting Machines
  • Mould Level Control
  • Mould Oscilation Control
  • Tundisch Level Control
  • Drive Control
  • Instrumentation Control
  • etc.
Rolling Mills
  • Automatic Gap Control
  • Hydraulic Gap Control
  • Gauge Error Feedback Control
  • Gauge Feedforward Control
  • Force Feed Forward Control
  • Tension Control
  • Roll Eccentricity Compensation
  • Flatness Control
  • Profile Control